Touch VPN Review

Touch VPN(opens in new tab) is a popular VPN available for free which supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firefox, Edge and Chrome.

The servers offers 27 locations, not bad for free, mostly in Europe and North America but with plenty of other options: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico and more.

All of the apps can be used for free, and without registration. The mobile versions have ads, but upgrading gets rid of those, and the Android app says you also get a ‘faster connection’, ‘high quality support’ and coverage for up to 5 devices.

Servers and locations

If you love traveling and hope to ensure your digital protection in countries whose name you can’t even spell, Touch VPN is not for you. In fact, it only has 25 servers worldwide in about 30 countries.

Surely, it provides you with the bare minimum of locations in the most populated countries. This ensures most users’ satisfaction, but it is far from offering the flexibility and coverage that other premium VPN providers do.

Besides, Touch VPN offers only Shared IPs, which is great for anonymity, but they don’t provide Dedicated IPs in any of their servers. Plus, the service doesn’t include SmartDNS, which is a significant letdown for streaming fans.

Many users doubt that the company uses fake VPN servers. This means even if you are connected to a specific server in a particular location, the computer client will eventually show you the information for another location. So, it is tough to trust Touch VPN if this sort of thing happens.

Streaming — Couldn’t Bypass Most Geo-Blocks

TouchVPN unblocked 1 of the streaming platforms I tested, and only with the paid plan. Its free version couldn’t give me access to any geo-blocked websites.

First, I ran tests with the free plan, and it failed to unblock every streaming platform on my list. As this plan is very limited in terms of locations, I was unable to switch to different servers in my tests.

Next, I purchased a subscription and took its premium plan for a test drive, hoping that I’d get better results. Sadly that wasn’t the case.

Speed – How Fast is Touch VPN?

Speed plays an important role when testing any VPN, and determines its overall performance. The fastest VPNs out there can encrypt your traffic without causing huge speed drops.

These encryption-related dips are not overly problematic on fast networks. However, if your connection is slower, these issues become more noticeable.

That’s why we speed-test every VPN we review. Based on our results, Touch VPN gets an 8/10 for speed.

After our speeds test, we came to these conclusions:

  • Touch VPN offers good speeds with acceptable speed drops.
  • We didn’t experience any crippling lag during our tests.


Security and Privacy

Talking about security and privacy, TouchVPN shines bright.

But their jurisdiction is not the best!

VPN Encryption and Protocols

Despite being completely free, TouchVPN offers some exciting security features.

They encrypt all their server connections with military-grade 256-bit AES, the best-in-industry VPN encryption.

As for the protocols, they offer OpenVPN as well as HydraVPN, a multi-hop VPN technology.

No Activity Logs

I was also impressed to find out that TouchVPN does not keep any activity logs.

They, however, admit to collecting personal information like your email and username, but you do not need to register or provide such information to use their service.

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