Express VPN

Are you looking for the best and simple VPN on the market? If yes, then ExpressVPN is the right choice. while purchasing the best VPN you should exactly know how to choose from the variety of VPN available on the market based on features and pricing. The VPN focuses on professional features that deliver you the best way to protect internet traffic.


Importance of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the top-notch platform that supports various apps for iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Mac. It also supports custom firmware for various routers as well as detailed setup guidelines for PlayStation, Kindle Fire, Chromebooks, Apple TV and Fire TV.

The browser extension of ExpressVPN is not the impotent offerings that you will get from some other providers. Extras such an HTTPS Everywhere support, WebRTC leak blocking and location spoofing are available for Firefox and chrome.

Technical Features

Many technical features are offered by the ExpressVPN to users.

  • It protects internet traffic by using DNS servers.
  • Clever split tunneling system also allows the user to control the app used by the VPN. It also tells you which app will be routed via regular internet connection.
  • High-end encryption technologies also prevent advances and basic level attackers from stealing any activities.
  • ExpressVPN is a very powerful VPN for those people who find it difficult to search apps that are not working with VPN and may run slows through certain VPN.

A vast network of ExpressVPN

The company provides a vast network of about 3,000 servers that spread across more than 160 cities in about 94 countries. United State and Europe also provide the best coverage, but Asia and several countries also work perfectly with ExpressVPN.

The simple and clear privacy policy of ExpressVPN explains that it never logs any sensitive data. The company promise to have the best privacy policy and unlike other services, they followed their privacy policy related to its customers.

One of the best features provided by the ExpressVPN is its 24/7 availability on a live chat. It is not the outsourced, basic, and first-line support but are an expert one that always ready to talk about technical issues faced by the users. If someone faces any trouble, then you would never wait a single day for a quick support response. In my own experience, there is always a support person that available in a live chat of ExpressVPN and you can easily get instant help in a few minutes.

There are not so many technical changes in the last past months. The mobile app also comes with in-app help, browser extensions, and troubleshooting tools. It also available in dark mode but there is the unavailability of the reporting system.

Another best improvement is the smartness of ExpressVPN. After hearing the hacking news of NordVPN, the rival VPN announced that it was upgrading servers for running in RAM. It reduces the chance of any compromise and hackers can easily recover sensitive data and files. In earlier 2019, ExpressVPN introduces TrustedServer technology that performs very well regarding customer safety and privacy.

Planning and Pricing

As described in our dedicated ExpressVPN deals and price, the provider offers a simple pricing structure. The pricing comes with three plans and monthly billed item for only $12.95. It is not so cheap but is similar to other providers such as HotSpot shield, VyprVPN, and CyberGhost. The monthly charges of these VPNs are around $13.

In the case of a 6-months plan, the price of VPN drops to $9.99 for each month. It is the best discount that you can get and provides a better flexibility level as compared to those competitors that don’t offer a 6-month plan.

The annual plan offers by the ExpressVPN can cut the cost to the monthly equivalence of $8.32. On a monthly subscription, you can also get a chunky 35% discount.

ExpressVPN also beats “HotSpot Shield” $9.99 annually that is not so far from HideMyAss and NordVPN that vaulted at only $6.99. It is more than double of the competitors on an annual basis like:

  • Private Internet Access asks $3.33
  • Ivacy is priced at $3.50,
  • Windscribe is $4.08

The difference seems more prominent when you are trying to sign up for more time. ExpressVPN also stops its annual plan but some providers still offer the best discounts when you are going to sign up for a longer time. The three-year plan only costs $3 per month, on the other hand, Ivacy offers a 5-year deal at only price $1.50 per month (Total $90) that is much cheaper than a 1-year plan with ExpressVPN.

Anyone can easily get low-headline rates because ExpressVPN provides decent service which is the trickiest part.

You can easily save some money as well. While signup to amazing deals of ExpressVPN, you can enjoy three free months to an annual subscription of ExpressVPN. It gives you a 15-year service with an effective $6.67 cost per month.

If someone decided to sign up, then he or she will be able to discover an amazing range of methods to pay bills. Various payment methods are PayPal, cards, AliPay, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Bitcoin and AliPay.

If a person is not convinced, then the installation of the iOS and android app may give you a 7-day trial. After hand over than cash, then ExpressVPN offers 30-year money back that gives safely check-out services.

If you are deciding to cancel your subscription, then it is very simple. There are tiny print clauses that can catch you out. Some firms don’t offer refund services when you have logged more than a certain limit. ExpressVPN enables you to use the service for 30-days and when you are unhappy with, then tell VPN to refund money.


All VPNs offer complete privacy. The same happens with ExpressVPN because it does not tell how it works great but also provides an amazing length of features that amazed you.

Consider encryption for example. Many services providers support OpenVPN. ExpressVPN provides much better than that.

The company explains that it may use a “4096-bit SHA-512 RSA certificate” with “AES-256-CBC” for encryption of HVAC and control channel. It gives protection against the data that altered in real-time.

We also examined the configured file of ExpressVPN for “OpenVPN. All the details were the same as described by the company.

ExpressVPN offers better forward secrecy that offers new secret keys when it’s time to connect. It can also be replaced every sixty minutes when the session is open. If an attacker tries to damage your system, then they will get data 60 minutes of data.

DNS support is another unique feature of ExpressVPN. It doesn’t provide DNS leak protection that helps to prevent data of online activities leaks out of the tunnel. It runs easily on zero-knowledge, 256-bit encryption, and private DNS own servers.

One of the best advantages of ExpressVPN is that in the worst case it might redirect traffic of DNS to OpenDNS or any other 3rd party. Aside from the risk associated with logging at a DNS server, using unencrypted DNS offers attackers the chance to filter and intercept your request as well as block or alert them. All of the issues disappear by using the scheme of ExpressVPN.

we did not examine the DNS server deeply. But various websites like browser Leaks, IPLeak, and DNSS Leak test confirm that this server uses IP addresses for the DNS queries, and no one had any traffic of DNS leaks.


You can check out the typical VPN site and you will easily find out “No Logging” claims that displayed in huge fonts. But it usually happens behind the scene that there is some privacy policy that may give some detail on specifics. It may also show that company can log some of the information.

The ExpressVPN uniquely perform everything. The front website page doesn’t give any zero-log boasting so user have to turn back to a “What is VPN” page to look at the position of the company. Privacy is the basic right of any customer. We never keep a connection as well as activity logs. We never share any of your details with any person.

If you require more, then ExpressVPN never fore to go for collecting details in 2,000 small print. Click on the link that is available in the login statement. It takes the user toward a clear written policy page. The page explains the working of the Express VPN by explaining the following questions:

  • What service provider collects?
  • What it doesn’t collect?
  • Why certain service works?
  • What does it mean for the users?

The page also states that the service provides by ExpressVPN never keeps any log of user IP address when connecting to the service provider.

The company records some of the data about the logging date when you are connecting to the server and service. It doesn’t store any connection time and IP addresses that you are allocated. The data can never be used by any person.

The country is not part of 14-Eyes that is known as the intelligence-sharing agreement. The other name of this agreement is SSERU.

Due to small size, the British Virgin Islands where this service provider based regulates all of their affairs. Both US and UK don’t have any law to complete the ExpressVPN to release any kind of data automatically.

Complainants may need to raise the issue of the British Virgin Islands and it shows that the records are related to the serious crime and it also explains how these records can offer more evidence to a certain case. It is very hard to see how the records of ExpressVPN can offer useful evidence and performance.

It is clear the this is an amazing provider that can understand each and every issue. It also takes considerable effort that helps to explain to customers about its working performance. A huge improvement in the free privacy policy and reassuring policy makes ExpressVPN more reliable.

The service provider features backend system and Trustedserver technology that was audited by the “PricewaterhouseCoopers”. It helps to confirm that ExpressVPN always focuses on its promises related to privacy. Due to some legal restrictions, we were unable to quote privacy concerns from the summary report. It is available free for customers so that customers can download and read it.


Speed is one of the best factors that should consider while using a VPN. We use various tests in the United State and the United Kingdom in order to find the performance of ExpressVPN.

The process of testing performance started in the United Kingdom where we were logged to a sample of 25 ExpressVPN servers that were enabled by OpenVPN. It recorded initial connection time and then use a test for checking latency issues. These issues would not affect the speeds of downloading the file by is a very important part of better service experience. For an instant, if half of the performance of the server down, then it would be not good news for you.

In our first test, we examine that there was no connection failure, and each server that is connected to the network performs awesome. The speed performance of the VPN was amazing, and it offers a good start. All of the tests were taken for the small-time and would not reflect the experience of using this VPN service. The service offered by ExpressVPN has no meaningful connection problems. Latency was also within the expected range. The geolocation checks showed that all of the servers are in their own advertising destination.

How we check the performance?

To check the performance, we used benchmarking sites such as and SpeedTest. It was the best method that measures the speed of download from US and UK locations.

United performance of ExprexxVPN was excellently worked at 69-70 Mbps on 75MBps test like and there were minimum reduction ranges from 5 to 6 % on the normal free speeds of VPN.

The US connection on the other hand had the power of 600Mbps that gives an interesting idea about what can ExpressVPN could do for you. The result provided by US ExpressVPN was impressive at the range of 200 to 250 Mbps. At the lowest figures (156Mbps) of all tests, it would be more than enough to do what you want. These might be irrelevant figures when the internet connection is acted as a fraction of the speed. If the server provides better speeds, then more availability of bandwidth can help to deliver decent performance at peak times as well as the meantime.

Long-distance test: We also conduct long-distance tests that were more challenging to interpret because there are many hosts of non-VPN factors that might affect your performance. We also ran 25 sample set of ExpressVPN servers as the benchmarking sites.

The results of our test were positive in many locations like the US, Europe, Karachi, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Australia. These results were close to 60 Mbps from the UK base. Here we also face some disappointment like Brazil’s speed was slow and peaked at 15Mbps. But it happened over a short time in any test conducted by us. But overall, the performance of ExpressVPN was awesome.


One of the major advantages of a VPN is that ExpressVPN offers you access to geo-blocked websites. When the streaming sites allow only US visitors to get view some content, then you need to log-in to the United based VPN server and PayPass the blockage.

But unluckily, it is not so simple. Different providers like Netflix know what the users are doing to try something and follow the rules and regulations. They are updating the system to block as well as to detect individual VPNs. Some sites also blocked by an individual from the hotspot administrator of wi-Fi connection that wants users to don’t get access to YouTube. For instance, the nation-state always tries to control the use of the internet for the entire population.

ExpressVPN performed thumbs up performance from the listing of sites that claimed by the company to unblock; Disney+, Wikipedia, Youtube, Netflix, Google, BBC iPlayer, Amazon prime. Many VPNs are unable to make such kind of commitment as they never want that user claimed when they are unable to deliver them. So, it will be a better option to check the performance of ExpressVPN.

To get an amazing feeling for ExpressVPNs having perfect unblocking abilities, we ran many tests to check whether we easily access the above-mentioned list or not when these are connected with the express servers.

Netflix’s performance was amazing with location perceptive (10 out of 10). It is not a surprise that it is responsible for tops our list of outstanding Netflix VPNs.

Amazon Prime Video also performs awesome. ExpressVPN explains that you can easily watch all locked content US and UK Amazon Prime Video content. But only when you have some access to an account with the billing address of the particular country. We also did that and it worked for us, We streamed the video from UK sites of Amazing Prime site without detection of using VPN connection. But when we were in the UK, then it didn’t give us a useful performance.

Note: Always keep in mind that the terms of Amazon Prime Video state that the company will e ale to use some technologies and verified the geographic location. So, you are not able to use any techniques and technology to disguise and obscure location. So, breaking the rule is at your own risk.

Unblocking Youtube is easier so ExpressVPN offers us the best and instant access from every US server. You also get amazing performance with BBC iPlayer. The platform offers better VPN protection than Youtube or Google. ExpressVPN allows to stream and browses content by the UK servers.


ExpressVPN did not appear as torrent-friendly and the company doesn’t mention this topic. So, there is a small awareness of torrent. According to the report, if you type p2pin the search box, then you will assume that you may make some mistake and get the search result of pap.

No need to worry at all as ExpressVPN is never trying to hide anything. We provide FAQ and also ran some tests to discover the truth. ExpressVPN servers not only promote torrents but also avoids the annoyance and hassles that you may get from other providers.

The users of Torrent are forced on to the overloaded servers. So, you can easily choose the Express location anytime.

There is an absence of bandwidth or any transfer-related catches. The company always feature no data cap and say that VPN will never restrict internet connection.

Factors in the form of key features of VPN service are:

  • No activity logs
  • Lots of locations
  • Apps for everything
  • Bitcoin support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

So due to these features, ExpressVPN is the great VPN choice for all of your torrenting needs.

Client Setup

It may e challenging to get a VPN client installed and its effective working. ExpressVPN is a good design website that sets up everything for you and gives minimum hassles.

  • Simply log in to the dashboard of your account
  • You will need to hunt for the download link
  • Website will detect your device type that used
  • Displays the download button for you
  • It enables you to grab the copy with only one click.

When you need something for the platform, then simply clock on “Setup all devices” from available options such as:

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Amazon Fire
  • Mac
  • Android
  • Linux

Simply tapping on these displays and you will get more download instructions as well as the link. You can also tap on the Android link that comes with many VPN options and you will e redirected to the Google play.

ExpressVPN also features a play store link but it also provides QR code, an option to directly download APK file, or a button to email a setup link.

ExpressVPN offers clean and clear setup touch and it will never enforce to find out and manually enter password and password. Instead of it, you need to do simply copy the activation code that is displayed on the download page. Paste the code into the client if you are asked. In this way, the software automatically sets up login credentials and you would never think about passwords and usernames.

Another option that ExpressVPN has done for you is to set up a 3rd party OpenVPN client. It makes it easier to offer a sensible name like the OVPN configuration file and we got OpenVPN to connect the client and ran it for minutes.

Window Client

ExpressVPN window client is one of the most familiar and comfortable interfaces that can enable you to feel like a home. The huge size on and off button allows the users to activate the services when you need them. It displays a clear status on a current server. You only need to choose the location. If you want to get speedy access, then you should use the menu button top-left.

There are many ways to choose a reliable server. The smart location features enable you to pick the best server. You simply double click the country for accessing the best location and browser each location in a country. Choose the one.

A search box enables you to search the locations via keyword. You simply add an individual location to the favorite list.

One of the latest editions of the window client enables you to display the selected location known as a smart location. Simply connect any of your chosen locations with a simple click. You will no need to head-off to any location list.

The client can also make the smart use of the system tray icon. Simply right-click and it will display a menu that includes three locations. Choose your appropriate location without opening the full client.

The list of locations is unable to display any information on server speed. It is the best way to find out the fastest location of your own choice.

The client of ExpressVPN also has a speed test feature that adds for you to provide accurate information that its competitor including download estimate speed and latency.

The speed test feature may run for six minutes and it will check the available location from the system. IF you are using a range of distant servers, then you will get an instant overview of the location that provides more information.

ExpressVPN offer capable setting dialogue that allows selecting from 4 protocol variations

  • OpenVPN UDP
  • OpenVPN TCP
  • L2TP – IPSec
  • IKEv2

It is good enough to have the best choice as we are less enthusiastic about a default “Automatic setting”. ExpressVPN will be picking the protocol that perfect for your internet connection automatically.

We have no idea what type of decision is made as well as we are unable to check it. It is so because the client is unable to say which of the internet protocol is active currently. It may look poor design to you but when you are connected then you can easily fix the problem. Simple choose protocol and the client will use it accordingly every time you need it.

The kill switch can block all of the internet traffic when the connection of VPN is drops and there will be reducing the chance of data leaks. No setup is involved with that and it is by default enable and ready to protect your data security and privacy.

ExpressVPN works perfectly. We used many tricks to close both IKEv2 and Open VPN connections, but client cane easily handles each thing amazingly. It can reconnect in a few seconds, block internet traffic, and keep users informed about the desktop notification.

There are some low-level technical touches such as the ability to use default DNS servers while using ExpressVPN by default and basic IPv6 leak protection.

Split tunneling is the advanced feature of ExpressVPN which is smart technology and enables us to define which app is used certain VPN. It also uses a regular internet connection.

If the application would not work properly, then you make use of a normal internet connection. If you are using a VPN for 1 or more than 2 applications, then ExpressVPN tunnel will improve your overall performance.

Android app

If you are using ExpressVPN for the first time, then the installation of the android app will work perfectly.

You need to follow these steps to install Android app:

  • Go to the Play store
  • Find android app
  • Notice impressive status
  • Install it
  • Work via signup process

When you set up ExpressVPN account, then it gives easy-to-access options.

  • Visit ExpressVPN web console on the window system
  • Choose the setup
  • Click on Android page
  • scanned QR code
  • Downloading start automatically
  • Installed an app

Note: The phone should allow installation from an external play store for this to work.

We offer many basic setup choices. For instance, if you deciding to allow the app to convey anonymous analytics back to the ExpressVPN service provider.

The app looks amazing and works similar to window edition. The excellent location picker ready to make it quick and easy to search. It can easily reconnect to the particular servers. So, you can easily connect as well as a disconnect with a single interface. The simple and straightforward interface enables us to check the current location as well as Android VPN status instantly.

The new security and privacy tools menu that adds some additional features that check the internet connection with options to display current location and IP address. You can also check WebRTC and DNS leaks and also generate new secure passwords. ExpressVPN comes with a convenient design that enables easy access from various apps.

The company able to improve the desktop clients to gives the tools in a similar way. The window also builds some web links that open tools in the separate web pages.

The android app may leave some advanced features from window clients. No speed test is there so that means that you will never see the location of ExpressVPN without showing any indication of the speed that may be slow or fast or may be overloaded.

The setting sections of Android is not matched with the features offered by desktop. Protocol choices may be restricted to the UDP or OpenVPN TCP. There is no control over DNS as well as no option of IPv6 leak protection.

You can easily get an integrated kill switch that protects and secure real IP addresses when the performance of a VPN may drop.

One of the handy bonus features is split tunneling that enables us to define which app should be used and which is not use the VPN. If you are the one who is interested in Netflix, then you could easily set up ExpressVPN to channel traffic of Netflix app via a tunnel. It also allows each and everything to go via regular connection and provide good performance.

ExpressVPN comes with an auto-connect feature that may welcome to connect VPN whenever you may join untrusted networks.

It also provides features of App and Website shortcuts that help configurable toolbar on a connection window. It can easily hold 5 icons for your favorite shortcuts and apps. It is a simple and useful idea that can facilitate the launching of the used app with the tap option when you are connected.

What the problems?

If any of the problems exist and the app is not working properly, then new-in-app helps to offer speedy access and support documents without head off to the website. Email us links also offer hands-on assistance when needed.

It is not so powerful android app that we have seen but ExpressVPN android offers easy to use and well-designed feature. Install an app and then try the services for seven days as free. If you are interested to use Android VPN apps, then ExpressVPN should be at the top listed.

iOS app

The iOS app of ExpressVPN takes only a few taps to install Android but it happens due to some extra security measures of Apple. You need to spend time to confirm that the app is well authorized to do what to perform. There is no Android-like download link to save time.

The setup may take only some minutes and it once has done the app will open in few minutes, Once done, the app will open with a straightforward and clean interface that you will see on some other platforms. It comes to a big connect button to getting online, menu button for exploring further, and recommended location.

The perfectly designed location picker features offer many ways to search for some specific countries and cities. It also maintains a recent list of connection and allows to add the most usable location to favorites.

Just like the Android app, the iOS edition provides users to switch servers without closing manually the current connection. It saves time by simple tap once but in the case when you switch servers regularly, then it will be the best welcoming usability plus for you.

Protocol choice does not include only TCP and OpenVPN UDP but also give access to IKEv2 and L2TP available on an Android.

The app has no kill switch option but included an auto-reconnect option. The auto-reconnect option will try to establish the tunnel when there are any drops in connection.

Just like Android, the iOS app also comes with a security and privacy tools menu. If you are not sure about the safety of the VPN, then it provides tools that help to confirm whether the IP addresses change or not and it is from the country you selected. ExpressVPN doesn’t give any WebRTC and DNS leaks in the case of the iOS app.

We have seen amazing features of VPN apps that are likable and delivers the functionality needed by the person. It is very easy to use. If you would like to check and balance service, then there is a risk-free seven-day trial.

Browser Extensions

The clients of ExpressVPN are user-friendly and well-polished. They are not sufficient for a VPN. The company offers both Firefox and Chrome extensions that allow for controlling service and clients directly with the help of a browser.

The browser extensions of ExpressVPN are not only proxies. They are specially used as browser-based interfaces for Linux, window, and Mac clients. They are workable once you install them. It may seem to be inconvenient, but it provides benefits.

Launch ExpressVPNs is a browser extension that is used for communication with a desktop client and is read as its own state. Just like the client location, the default location will be set. In case, when the client is connected currently, then the extension will reflect that.

If you want to control from the browser your desktop client, then you can easily do it with ExpressVPN. If you wish to unblock a single site, then first choose the location of VPN from your browser and then connect it. Whatever you are going to browser, simply disconnect VPN when not in use. It is a very quick and easy-to-use process without the need of switching backward and forward among ExpressVPN clients and your browser.

At a simple level, ExpressVPN works perfectly. The interface of the browser extension is similar to regular apps and clients having a similar system of selecting locations and browsing.

No favorite system is there, and it also possesses some limitations. It provides two significant options “Show Desktop notification” and “Connect on browser launch. You are able to open the setting dialogue of desktop apps directly through a browser extension.

We have good news for you in the form of welcoming privacy tools. Both Firefox and Chrome extension comes with a setting that may prevent HTML5 geolocation by revealing the exact location when connected with a VPN. It also blocks WebRTC leaks. By using HTTPS, you can automatically force the connections to an HTTPS version of the site when they are available.

The extension would not perfect for everyone as you need to install an app to use it accurately. The ability of app control from a browser is a useful feature that you are not able to search in any other competitor. It is an amazing addition to the express VPN package.


VPN misbehave in the same way as other networking technology. You need to figure out what is going on. Experienced users may get benefits from the quality support of a VPN.

With the amazing support sites of ExpressVPN, you can easily get a lengthy troubleshooting guide to have a great start. Whether you are trying to check the dropped connections or slow speeds, always understand the error messages, cancel an account, change password.

Most of the articles are best written and deliver all key areas to its users. They never assume any technical knowledge but take some time to explain the whole background. It also offers many suggestions to resolve all issues and may have a link with other articles where they offer relevant details.

For instance, some VPNs may have only a single line suggesting that “Try another server”. It helps to diagnose the speed issues.

ExpressVPNs may also link to a detailed article that explains how to search the proper location.

The setup articles are more informative as well as impressive. You are not able to get only one genuine installation tutorial. It has more than 8 various windows tutorials that may cover ExpressVPN installing the app and the manual setup for many window versions. Users can easily get 4 tutorials for iOS, four for android, 4 for Mac. Linux also possess setup guides for Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, and Terminal through OpenVPN.

A reliable and accurate search engine can scan more than two hundred fifty articles. These articles help to find whether it satisfied your requirements or not. It helps to enter freshly keywords on support sites of VPN and view many of informative content.

Hits returned

  • OpenVPN gets 41 hits
  • DNS gets 70
  • 50 for Android
  • 16 for Ubuntu
  • 14 for DD-WRT

If the website creates some problems, then the ExpressVPN team will available you 24/7 through LiveChat and email.

If you want to get instant results, then ExpressVPN recommended you choose live chat. So, we sent an email question as a test to check response times. The company suggests to only take 1 day to reply to us. We got a detailed, friendly, and helpful text within an hour. It was faster than we expected. We received an email that offers detailed information and contained everything that needed to resolve and diagnose our issues.

The live chat feature of ExpressVPN performs very well. We ran many checks on this service and we met with the support agent that gives us amazing information. We also had a genuine response within 2 to 3 minutes.

The quality of the chat support was amazing and above the average. We patiently spend 30 minutes with an agent and follow instructions that described by him.

If you are an expert in networking, then it is tempting that you assume that it really doesn’t matter. Did you know what you are doing? so there you would not need to pay attention to handholding features.

Features of ExpressVPN

  • Kill switch
  • 145+ servers in 94 countries
  • Split tunneling
  • 99 % uptime
  • Major platforms supported
  • 24/7 customer support
  • PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP-IPsec
  • Best-in-class encryption
  • No activity log
  • Unlimited server switches
  • Zero-knowledge DNS
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 3-instant connections

Pros and cons of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Pros

ExpressVPN is one of the best and most popular VPN providers in the world. They do many things.

  • Enterprise security
  • General usability
  • Value for the money
  • View restricted websites as well as content
  • Uses 4096-bit CA-based encryption
  • Secure data from hackers
  • Increase internet speed
  • Access to more than 145 VPN locations
  • Protect from censorship and surveillance
  • Connect user with the wi-Fi hotspots
  • Stop outgoing and incoming traffic

Cons of ExpressVPN

Along with some features, ExpressVPN may possess some drawbacks. Some of them are:

  • High value but expensive VPN option
  • Speed of internet may enhance while connecting it once time but the connection with time has been slow.
  • The instant and simultaneous connection limit is only 3 devices.


ExpressVPN is the top-quality VPN that may exceed your expectations ranges from platform privacy or support to unblocking abilities, easy to use and amazing customer support. The VPN may somehow expensive than its competitor, but you can see that it gives more worth. It offers professional, powerful, and occasional services to its users. Unlike other providers, there is no wait option to get an instant email response. We have always got an instant response to our queries every time.

So, if you are looking for the best and reliable VPN, then try ExpressVPN. At worst experience, you will get 30-day money-back guarantee and get 3 months free with the annual plan.

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