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CyberGhost is actually a software company that provides a virtual private network, known for it’s webhosting services to different organizations throughout the world. It is based in Romanian and Germany to assist their clients globally. CyberGhost is basically a huge network which provide it’s VPM services to more than 10 million users. It’s vast network spread over 89+ countries with more than 7,100 servers. According to our last survey report there were only 4800 servers in 58 countries which are now upgrade to new big digits of 7100 servers with services in 89 within a short interval of time.

CyberGhost provide a lot of services for Windows, Mac, iOS and for Android users. CyberGhost have enhanced services as compared to other VPN softwares. The main characteristic of this software is that it can block any websites, ads and trackers within seconds. CyberGhost has a capability to generate HTTPS redirections according to the bandwidth of the sites with optional data compression.

The webhosting software have ability to handle seven devices at the same time. It differentiates it form other VPN webhosting services like Express VPN which do not have the above mentioned capability even in it’s premium version. One thing is quite annoying for this VPN server is that if you just timed out from any server, you will log out of all other individual devices quickly, at the moment that is quite problematic.

But there is a good anything at the same time that there is proper web knowledgebase system is available for your assistance. Also web supporting services through email and direct chatting you can resolve your issues in a more efficient way, regarding guidance about particular tricky bits.

Also CyberGhost VPN introduced many web hosting offers for it’s users but with the increase in network these are specifically available for certain regions. So there is no need to so much excited about that.

Now it has been observed in new app the L2TP support system is unavailable. Also we observed that new iOS apps come with dark mode with themed sticker pack available on Halloween with words including Well, uh, thanks and We think.

Plans and pricing

If we talk about pricing and plans purchasing for CyberGhost VPN web services then a monthly account  has cost of $12.99 per month with high standard services within $10-$13.

Also there is another amazing thing that price is fall steeply as with the subscription period. As an annual plan has cost equivalent to $5.99 a month and this price is dropped to $3.69 if you purchase a plan for two years.

For 3-year plan prices becomes $2.75 a month which was 2.50 in our last survey report. But we can say that all the plans of CyberGhost are more economical and more beneficial as compared to other VPN webhosting services like NordVPN, for which a three year plan is of $3.49 per month which is quite expensive as compared to CyberGhost webhosting services. If you want more economical price then you must go for Surfshark’s two year webhosting plan in only $1.99 per month. This is one of the cheapest plan among all the VPN webhosting services.

But we recommend you to go for CyberGhost is it provide more and advanced services at economical price. You can easily pay through a bitcoin, PayPal as well as through your credit card.

There are also free trials ae available, you can check the services thoroughly before purchasing a plan with full demo version.

You can easily create account through using Windows and get your demo account within 24 hours and avail the web hosting services with full demo version. But CyberGhost restrict for some of it’s service to use them for it’s clients, for instance some streaming connections, every time if you want to connect, you will be warned and if you continuously warned then your account could be blocked. But with helping support you can enable them but these services are available only for specific slots and you must wait to avail this service. The reason is that it supports only a single device at the moment.

There is a good new for iOS CyberGhost users that there is more trial version as compared for android devices which is given you for seven days in a week while on the other hand for android users the trial is over within 24 hours.

To increase your trial version on android app there is a specific technique. Registered yourself for iOS app with same window’s account and then finally install the android app for CyberGhost and you will find that you will automatically sign in to your account which shows that you are eligible for 7 days’ free trial version.

Baffling? Obviously. Now see, the best approach to use CyberGhost webhosting services is Android app for your start up. After sign in to your account, assured that you are able to access Netflix and other blocked websites and also test it on desktop.

I think the process is bit difficult to get a free trial version account in CyberGhost, but remember that among all VPN services available in market, CyberGhost is the one which offers you a free trial version for 7 days. There is also a one of the amazing deal which company offered to it’s clients is lengthy 45-day money-back guarantee.

Logging and privacy

On the same tradition like other VPN webhosting services platforms CyberGhost’s also does not have logs on policy on it’s front page. But the main disadvantage we have to observe in CyberGhost VPN that like other VPN services there is no backing of your browsing history, traffic destination, data content, and search preferences and these are NOT monitored, recorded, logged or stored by us.

In addition, when you are using the CyberGhost VPN webhosting server, we are unable to store connection logs. This means that we don’t have any logs to keep strengthen your IP address, connection timestamp and session duration.

We Don’t Know

  • And we are unable to know that which user is recently get accessed to a particular website or any other kind of services.
  • We are also unable to detect that which VPN server IP the user used.
  • We are unable to detect the IP addresses of user’s computer.

For more information you can read a complete document here for extra details.

CyberGhost also publish a Transparency Report for it’s security purposes, where it lists DMCA, police and other to keep a record that how much data it hands over. Instead of these document words, we say that these are only the part of bad talks, the reality is no one knows how the service is actually works.

NordVPN and  VyprVPN are addressed through independent audits by their systems and we guess in upcoming future CyberGhost and the rest of the industry will follow the same pattern.

At the same time, at least, we can take some initial privacy measures for our own, using sites like and DNS Leak Test to handle our DNS and other privacy leaks on daily basis.

In our last review, we didn’t observe any kind of stunning problem in CyberGhost VPN server even we tried a connection from UK to New York and then we are allocated it to US IP and connection is fixed with UK DNS address. Now we received a DNS IP address from that country, for which we were adjusted


It is quite a difficult task to measure the performance of VPN as there are a lot of stunning factors which must be considered during judging the performance of a VPN web hosting server. But in case of CyberGhost we can create an idea by judging it’s speed by testing local UK and US performance with standard websites from which most prominent are SpeedTest and

The nearest UK servers delivered at high speeds with average speed of 65-70Mbps on 75Mbps fiber broadband line.

OpenVPN web server reduced it’s performance with the addition of encryption. But on other hand, if see CyberGhost web server it’s speed reduced at a very minimal level around 6-7%, inevitably with the addition of encryption.

According to our survey, the speed of CyberGhost is greater in US as compared to UK which are 600Mbps and 30-75Mbps per connection, respectively.

These above mentioned speeds are noted in late March of this year, 2020, when many people were working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. At this time, there was a lot of traffic on the internet and this is one of the prime time to judge the speed of internet performance easily.

During the pandemic disease we observe that VPN server speed of CyberGhost is below as compared to average speed as compared to othe VPN servers. But on this behalf, we cannot say that CyberGhost is not a good server due to exceptional circumstances.


Netflix with a VPN and similar sites are a great challenge to unblock them, even with high class services you are unable to get access on these sites. The reason is that most of the service providers never tell you that servers are worked actually. But now CyberGhost makes our work easy a lot.

Now by means of Ghost Server  we are now enable to see recommended locations for US Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, YouTube TV and more. In addition, we can also specific servers belong from Canada, France, Germany, Finland, Poland, Brazil etc by means of Streaming Filter used in this VPN.

By means of UK serves we are able to stream iPlayer content without any difficulty. Bypassing the BBC’s VPN detection helped a lot to access many top ranked websites like Netflix in more appropriate way.

Similarly, US Amazon Prime is one of the tricky website but CyberGhost VPN provide you a complete access to it and enables us to stream US content from the UK without any difficulty.

On the same trend, accessing Disney+ was another our prime problem. We simply connect to CyberGhost on our recommended location. But the only problem we face which give us 503 server error and web server-speak for ‘sorry, you can’t have that content right now.

Disney Plus is under review in Europe. It’s quite possible that due to huge traffic on the server due to Covid-19 pandemic the server is unable to access. So whatever the reason is we are unable to access Disney plus on CyberGhost and it is still red alert for CyberGhost VPN server.


Most of the VPN servers hide their torrent friendly status from their users but VPN server of CyberGhost is present it’s services regarding torrent and make torrent friendly policy for it’s users. This service differentiates CyberGhost from other VPN servers. CyberGhost recently launched it for it’s Window’s clients with title name of “Torrenting”.

Also there are most of the helpful tweaks are hidden under the Settings bar section which provides and assist to the users to direct access to prefer CyberGhost connection.

If you forgot to VPN ‘For Torrenting’ then connect to a VPN location by using manual procedure. There are also some issues with CyberGhost under the light of this statement by the spokesperson of a company, “We have to block P2P protocols on certain servers, due to strategic point of view. As this is a traffic that abruptly slows down the VPN server speed or due to legal reasons in countries where we are forced by providers to block torrent traffic, among them USA, Russia, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong are most prominent.

If you want to run your CyberGhost server with advanced services, you simply anonymize your torrenting activities.

Also the setup process of CyberGhost of VPN server is quite simple and occur within quite easy steps.

Simply click on click on Trial link on the CyberGhost website after creating an account and downloading windows installer. Then some terms and conditions will appear on your desktop screen, you will simply accept them by entering the required credentials, you will simply redirect to payment method where you will pay according to your purchasing plan. It is quite similar to most of the amazing apps. In this way CyberGhost website links you to each app store, and you download and install the apps in the usual way.

Now there is another problem you will face with CyberGhost VPN server. If you try OpenVPN configuration files to set up a router or other device, you will become trapped in difficult situation. As CyberGhost has a very lengthy process and then you able to setup your router or other device with standard OVPN of CyberGhost.

Following Steps You Must Need To Follow Them:

  • Login to your account.
  • Add device profile
  • Choose features you need like ad blocking, data compression, malware protection etc.
  • Choose OpenVPN TCP or UDP
  • Choose your target country
  • Server Name
  • Custom username and password

Then finally you will able to download you OpenVPN file with certificates and key files in ZIP format and if you want to setup up multiple locations, you will add OVPN file with renaming for getting better results.


The main advantage of using this approach is that it is a more secure way to deal the connections with greater control. But if you want to download 50 standard OpenVPN configuration files then you will not at right place and you will face disappointment as there is a lot of work required for this purpose.

Windows client

Now if we talk about CyberGhost’s Windows client then you will see that it opens with a clean and lightweight interface:

Normal console with connection status, list of locations a with a connect button.

Never confused from right-hand panel as there are a lot of functionalities which are available for certain use. You must take proper understanding for this panel tabs. Here you can also filter to display servers required for streaming or torrents.

Tray icon in CyberGhost’s windows system provide you all the available servers, with submenus for torrenting, streaming and your favorites. There you have options to choose, switch and close connections without disturbing the main client interface.

By using connection features you are enabled to change privacy for ads, trackers and malicious websites. CyberGhost VPN server have capability to automatically redirect HTTP connections to HTTPS for extra security, and for data compression by means of which you are able to compress images and other elements which we used on daily basis. This feature of CyberGhost help to improve it’s performance.

By using ad blocker, you are able to download a full content like a newspaper from UK ad-packed newspaper site within only 43 seconds with 671 requests and when we disabled CyberGhost’s ad blocker and switched to uBlock Origin, the same page load in 3 seconds with 156 requests and transferred 469KBs.

Now we move to Smart Rules panel which is another amazing option in this CyberGhost VPN web server, by providing you an unusual level of control over how the client works. CyberGhost also allows you to connect to your preferred server, and automatically launch a particular app, such as your default browser in incognito mode.

More flexibility in the Wi-Fi Protection panel that allows you to connect with new networks. Always connect by performing custom actions for specific networks (always protect at home, never protect at work), or simply ask you what to do.

This VPN server of CyberGhost is full of amazing features where you look. There is No need to remember to enable the VPN before you use your torrent client – CyberGhost can automatically do it for you.

By using Exceptions feature you can develop such a website which won’t be able to pass through the tunnel. In some countries streaming sites are only accessible to users, for this purpose you use this Exceptions feature of CyberGhost and it will never be blocked and there is no need of VPN location of a user.

Now we move to Setting Box which enables you to choose your preferred protocol. You just need to follow these following steps.

  • OpenVPN or IKEv2
  • Using random ports to connect
  • Enabling or disabling a kill switch
  • IPV6 connections and DNS leak protection.

CyberGhost’s iOS app is quite very simple as compared to it’s other desktop apps with less functionality with basic interface.

Now if we talk about iOS app then there is a Connect/ Disconnect button which will be connected to nearest server and you are also able to search a list of different locations. You need simply to tap on display locations and you will get a load information on VPN server in particular area. You are also able to check the number of connected users and you are also able to save it in your Favorites list.

Now if we talk about the Android app then it is unable to display your current wireless network.

Favorites list helps you to store your most common locations, for instance, which is especially handy on a mobile device to make your work more convenient to find from a lengthy list also there is no option to use a random port for desktop clients in case when they are connected to VPN.

By means of tunnelling method you are able to check that which apps use the VPN and which don’t, by just a few clicks.

If you go for market survey, then we observe that overall, CyberGhost’s mobile VPN apps  are best available service in digital market. But there is a need to work on some minor functions for better performance. There is also a need to work on kill switch feature especially.


By using CyberGhost support site you can gather great information for Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, Kodi, consoles and routers, along with troubleshooting articles and assorted other FAQs.

If you take a close look to support service of CyberGhost, then here you find different installation manuals for all systems from Desktop to iOS apps. There are many articles with specific keywords available for customer guidance to use the VPN services of CyberGhost which could be more helpful.

But the article section has also some errors, for example if you see ‘connection and speed problems’ section then you will observe that they offered you a generic speedup advice which have some errors regarding guidance for using different protocols.

You also observed a silly content here like this: If you use UMTS boards to connect to the Internet, you normally install that board’s software as well. These programs may cause problems, when using CyberGhost VPN, surprisingly even after stopping using the UMTS board.”

According to the previous users of CyberGhost that some of the articles have many errors and they complaint for hundred times about inappropriate article but no one responds it and the articles didn’t edit yet.

Also we observed that the support knowledgebase for keyword ‘OpenVPN’ is need immediate amendment as here if you search then there are first 10 pages have three-years-old content.

Also for other Articles we observed that there is a need to change questionable advice for questions like “What to do if CyberGhost seem to slow down your Internet connection” is required to change your MTU from 1500 to 1300.

Also there is a need of proper guidance especially for non-technical users. As there are no hints are available on the CyberGhost Support services page. It is quite necessary to resolve this issue for it’s new users. Also there is a need of basic practical tutorials are required for non-technical and technical users as well for proper use of this webhosting service. As most of the time clients didn’t able to understand things properly and they switch to other sources due to improper guidance.

Another issue we observed in Support articles of CyberGhost VPN are translated poorly due to which most of the users are misguided from these silly articles. But the good thing is that they are understandable especially who are native with English Language.

On normal websites you observed that there is proper chat button to get helping services from the customer support. But here on CyberGhost VPN they hide the chat box service that is very interesting, to maintain privacy of their users. For this service you require to contact with their customer support team and then they allow to their specific user to use this service.

Also CyberGhost need to work on it’s customer support system a lot. As there asking for only one simple question you wait for couple of minutes and then their customer support agent respond to your particular question that is very annoying.

Inspite of all the things regarding their customer support system failure, there is always a good chance for you that if you are properly guided by their agent through chat box, we are 100% assured that they will provide you a right direction.

Final verdict

If we conclude all the story, we finally reach on the reach on the result that as compared to other VPN web hosting services available in market, CyberGhost has now become the brand that provides you full access on Netflix and iPlayer with more economical yearly plans with live customer support help. It becomes one of the amazing package among the VPN services.

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