Best VPN For Crypto Trading

A virtual private network or VPN protects your data and identity by encrypting your Internet connection. This is especially important when trading cryptocurrencies, as it helps protect your information from hackers and other malicious actors. There are hundreds of VPNs to choose from, but they are not all created equal. We’ve done the research to find the best VPN for crypto trading so you don’t have to.


While Surfshark isn’t a mainstream VPN, it’s another great option for cryptocurrency moguls. Especially for those who want to remain anonymous.

As far as jurisdictions go, the service itself is located in the British Virgin Islands, which is off-grid. You don’t have to worry about the Eyes affiliate closing in on you. They do not collect any data about you as specified in the no-log policy. The service also relies on RAM-only servers to keep them secure even if they fall into the hands of law enforcement.
Their technical achievements don’t stop there. You don’t have to worry about IP, DNS or WebRTC leaks. And you don’t have to wait long for pages to load. Surfshark uses state-of-the-art tunneling protocols like WireGuard, which is both fast and secure.

The best part is that you can pay Surfshark with cryptocurrencies. currently, they support payments via CoinGate or CoinPayments. They support different coins, including Bitcoin, Ether and other widely adopted cryptocurrencies.


What’s most popular isn’t always the best, and NordVPN is the best service for most people, including cryptocurrency traders. It has basically everything you want in a premium VPN service, including a large number of servers, very good speeds, and competitive pricing. Nord also accepts three popular forms of cryptocurrency, which makes it a good choice for cryptocurrency traders.

NordVPN’s security features are what really set it apart from its competitors. Not only does it offer a dedicated IP service – designed to trick websites into thinking you’re not using a VPN at all – Nord also features split tunnels, “double VPN” protection and termination switches. In addition, its desktop application has recently been revamped to be more visually appealing.

NordVPN offers a number of advanced options for the most cautious traders, including a data breach scanner, encrypted cloud storage, and a password manager. Most of them cost extra, but keep that in mind when signing up. In addition, Nord offers only six simultaneous connections. While this isn’t the best, it’s more than enough for most people. Overall, NordVPN delivers the goods and is a great choice for encrypted transactions.


ExpressVPN tops this review for its excellent security, ease of use, and extremely fast speeds. It has impressive download and upload speeds, especially when using the Lightway protocol, making it ideal for encrypted transactions.

In addition, this VPN service has an automatic termination switch called Network Lock, which works on Windows, Mac, Linux and routers. Best of all, you can access a large network of servers with over 160 server locations.

In addition, ExpressVPN offers extensive leak protection (DNS, IP and WebRTC) so you don’t have to worry about your data being compromised. The Threat Manager included in your subscription prevents websites and applications from recording your online activity and sharing it with third parties.


PrivateVPN rarely disappoints when it comes to accessing websites and services. Despite its small network size (just over 200), its servers are located in more than 60 countries. In addition, PrivateVPN offers fast, unrestricted connections that are perfect for encrypted transactions, streaming media and seed downloads.

It is a highly secure service for encrypted transactions thanks to 256-bit AES encryption, DNS leak protection and termination switch features. If online anonymity is important to you, it’s worth noting that PrivateVPN has an effective no-logging policy. What’s more, registration requires very little personal information: just an email address, which may be a one-time thing if you wish. For greater anonymity, there is an option to pay in Bitcoin.

You can use PrivateVPN on up to six devices simultaneously, with apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. To use it with Linux or a router, you’ll need to follow the manual setup instructions, and if you need any help, live chat support is available.


IPVanish is one of the few high-end VPNs that offers unlimited device connectivity. At no extra cost, you can connect as many devices as you want. I have connected to the VPN on two Android phones, an iPhone and my Windows PC at the same time and have had no connection problems. This means you can trade cryptocurrencies anywhere, anytime, without having to worry about disconnecting your VPN to switch devices.

High connection speeds are critical for crypto exchange activity. While IPVanish may not exactly match ExpressVPN in terms of speed, it has fast servers that don’t give me any latency. In my tests, I experienced only a 5% speed drop on its local servers. As a result, you can quickly load crypto charts and trade on your favorite exchanges without any interruptions.

It offers 256-bit encryption with DNS and IP leak protection. To test its security, I ran multiple DNS and WebRTC leak tests. No leaks were found in any of my tests. The Layer A security of this VPN will protect you from hacking and DDoS attacks in case your preferred encrypted exchange encounters a security/data breach.
The only downside is that it does not accept cryptocurrency payments, so you may want to consider another option if this is your preferred payment method.

When you sign up for the long-term plan, you get IPVanish for only $3.99 per month. it offers the same features as the yearly and monthly subscriptions, but at a higher overall value.

It offers a solid money-back guarantee for its annual and 2-year plans, so you can take advantage of it and put it to the test. To cancel my plan, I had to log into my account and access the subscription dashboard. The platform required me to enter a reason, but it took no more than 10 minutes to fill out and send the form. 5 days later, I received all my money.

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